Company Chronology



Nikolaos Batzilis, using farming knowledged passed to him by his father and grandfather begins production of green pepper crops which are sold to the only pickle factory in Thessaloniki.



An unsually large crop that year finds Nikolaos trying to channel it to the Greek market unsuccessfuly. This gives him initiative to begin his own pickled pepper process. With help from friends and town locals, they construct a large container and begin to process the peppers, handpicking them one by one with forks. Their efforts result in the first 1000kg of pickled peppers which are exported to Germany.



Due to the increased demand for the products, the first pepper processing and sorting machine is being created.



The first presence at the International Food and Beverage Exhibition.


1984 - 1988

The company continues to promote its exports with new clients from England, Sweden and Finland while at the same time it builds its first 700m2 warehouse to accomodate the increased needs of storing and safekeeping of its merchandise.



Our commitment to progress led us to introduce the usage of 200lt barrels to further improve the quality of the fermentation process.


2003 - 2008

Nikos Export opens trade routes with countries in the Middle East. Nikolaos Batzilis mentors and passes his knowledge to his son Dimitrios who picks up the management of the company in 2005. Dimitrios with his fluency in English and German brings in new business deals with countries in Central, Western and Eastern Europe.



The company moves temporarily the largest part of the production process to Stavrochori, Kilkis to utilize the advantages of the organized industrial area infrastructure.


2016 - 2018

The factory is completely renovated and a modern European specifications manufacturing unit is created. Meanwhile the three-year investment plan of 2016-2018 is completed and the company returns to its natural space in Nea Magnisia, Thessaloniki. The production capability doubles with a new advanced pepper process and sorter. In an area of 3 acres covered with lawn, sports facilities (5 * 5 soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Trampoline) are created for the entertainment of employees and business executives. An outdoor dining area with barbeque facilities for the breaks of the company's employees is completed. A small improvised outdoor cinema with a projector covers the needs of employees for entertainment (movies, sports events) and the continuing training needs of staff (frequent seminars on food safety and hygiene).



Due to the continuous and uninterrupted efforts to modernize the company's infrastructure, a new covered area (200 sq.m.) was created for cutting the pepper. In this way, a new developing product emerges, the pickled pepper cut into slices.